Whether you are a bride who has a wedding book from the time you are eight years old or you are ready to elope, certain factors always come into play.

First and foremost, considered your overall budget. It is never a good idea to be ambiguous with any of your vendors about what you want to allocate to different aspects of your event. Knowing your budget will allow them to create the best service “within” your budget.

If you’re having a simple affair, you may very well need only a boutonnière and a bride’s boutique. As the guest list grows, keep in mind what you will remember: the photographs.

The best way to come away from your special day with gorgeous photography is with vignettes. Think about the reception, the alter or the cake. It’s better to do a few things very well. Have two grand pieces. Something people will remember, in lieu of lots of little things. We will design and create statement pieces, that people will talk about.

Another important item to consider is the flowers. Unless you have a specific flower or it is something you are in love with, let your designer order things based on availability. For example, in June, don’t use tulips, they won’t be as pretty. Get peonies, instead.

If you allow your decorator carte blanche to do their job they can provide you with a particular look that you are looking for and utilize your budget in a way that you would never have thought of.