In his early years, Johnathan was always interested in art and influenced by nature, but he believes that his experiences during his youth had a substantial influence in shaping his unique style and vision.

After moving to San Diego in the late 80’s to pursue photography and music, he began working as a delivery driver at a floral shop, where he soon became manager. When he returned to his native Houston he continued working in a variety of floral shops, and began trying his hand at design work.

I’ve had the opportunity to work under the guidance of several designers, learning from some of the best. Bobb Wirfle taught me a lot about simplicity, letting the flowers dictate the arrangement and about natural groupings that create harmony. Scott McCool taught me mechanics of structural components.

In 1998 he was hired by a residential interior designer, which provided him an unexpected new direction for his work. The opportunity inspired him to branch out on his own in 2001 and start his own company working out of his garage. Rapid word of mouth allowed him to expand his company into a corporation with several employees serving some of the city’s finest events and organizations.

“I really enjoy working with flowers as a medium. Each bloom offers its own avenue of creation, whether standing alone in a vase or featured in as part of a created environment. And the more shape I can give that environment, the happier my customer is going to be.”